I’m the first to admit shopping for people is difficult, and I normally consult the ever-handy internet to just tell me what people want. I’ve decided this year to also lend a helping hand to those searching for a gift for that outdoorsy someone in their lives. Let me preface this list by saying this is not a sponsored post and in no way am I being paid for the opinions in this post. These are simply products that work for me and that I love having around.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp – $39.95

No matter where I’m going, what time of day it is, or how long I plan to be outside, I always carry a headlamp with me just in case. If the sun sets earlier, your outdoor excursion takes longer than planned, or you just want to watch the sunrise from the summit of a mountain, a headlamp is your best friend. It helps having more than one so you can always keep one in your hiking backpack and also have a spare. I love my Black Diamond Spot—it offers an insane amount of light for the price.

A Multi-Tool

Frankly, you can buy any brand you want, I have no preference. Just have one. We have this one and it’s saved our asses more than once. You can definitely find simpler (and cheaper) alternatives.


Eno Hammocks – Single Nest $59.95 & Straps $29.95

My brother gifted each of us an Eno hammock last year and since then, we’ve brought them everywhere. Unless we’re hiking crazy distances, the hammock and suspension system are pretty light to add to your pack, plus they make a great lounge in the backcountry if you’re like us and don’t bring chairs.


Camera/Phone Tripod

People always ask if I have a personal photographer following me around and the short answer is yes! I happen to be said photographer, and it’s no secret that I’m the subject of many of my own photos. I love showing the human element in my photos and when hiking or traveling alone, a tripod is my best friend! I have a Bonfoto Carbon Fiber traveling tripod. It fits in most backpacks and is super lightweight. For a super travel-friendly tripod, check out Gorilla Pods—can’t beat that $20 price tag (and it’s on sale right now at REI for $14.95)!

Snow Peak Camping Mug – $36

Nothing like a trusty camp cup in the backcountry. Snow Peak makes a variety of lightweight titanium cups that also be used directly over a flame. The folding handles make them more packing friendly. Get yours in one of these sweet colors!

Smartwool Socks – $25

Warm socks are a necessity for me when hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, biking…the list goes on. Smartwool ski/snowboard socks are hands-down my favorite when I’m riding. They keep your toes warm without making your feet sweat, and I’m forever indebted to them for avoiding frostbite. I also love Stance socks for both men and women if you want to make a statement with ya feet!

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket and Coal beanie

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket – $350

If you’re looking for an ultra-warm, ultra-light jacket and aren’t afraid of investing in something higher end…check out the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded puffy. I splurged last year and haven’t regretted it once. I got mine on sale for $175, and while the pretty fuschia color isn’t necessarily “me” (I’m more of a black/dark blue gal), I saved half the price by going for a less popular color. The jacket packs into the pocket, making for a space-saving down jacket, perfect for travelers, hikers, backpackers, and just anyone who wants to stay really warm this season.

IMG_8249 (1)
Coal beanie

Coal Uniform Beanie – $23

This beanie is my signature hat during winter, and a lot of times the summer too. It’s warm, comfy, looks super cute and comes in a variety of non-obnoxious colors. I seriously have yet to find a human who looks bad in this beanie. Seriously.

IMG_8095 (1)
Patagonia Corduroy Pants

Patagonia Women’s Corduroy Pants

I never thought I’d be the type of person who wears corduroy pants and Chacos regularly, but lo and behold, here we are and I’m forever wearing these comfiest of pants out and about. Hiking, biking, walking, hanging out…these pants do it all. I have them in Smolder Blue and Bear Brown and will probably own another pair when it’s all said and done. They’re stretchy, soft and come in both skinny and regular fit.


MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Tent – $399.95

I searched long and hard for a two-person tent that was big enough to fit two rather tall people and their gear but was light enough to carry. We tried Big Agnes, North Face, REI and couldn’t find one that provided the space we wanted at the weight we needed. Cue the amazing MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2! This tent is roomy, light and makes the perfect backpacking tent.

Water Filter

A water filter is another one of those safety must-haves in the outdoors. Sometimes things go wrong and you can’t plan for issues where you run out of  water, so it’s nice to have a large water filter pump for backpacking trips and something smaller like a LifeStraw to keep in your hiking backpack, in the unfortunate event that you need it. For only $19.95, it makes a great gift for the person in your life that loves to hike and could stand to be maybe a bit more prepared. For a large purifier, I’ve used SteriPen and Sawyer and love them both!


Jetfoil Flash with Coffee Press – $100

There’s nothing better than hot coffee when waking up in the backcountry. My life literally changed when I bought a Jetboil Flash a few years ago. Since then, waking up to French press coffee while camping changes the whole experience for me. I’m definitely one of those people who functions better on caffeine, so frankly it’s a better experience for everyone.

What are some of your favorite gift ideas for the outdoors person in your life? Share them below!


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