You may have noticed I’m no longer “Wanderlanding” over here. The fact is I never was. I found a catchy name available in a domain database and ran with it. But it didn’t take long to sense the detachment between my “persona” and myself. I thought I wanted a faceless, non-personified brand, but what I found was an outlet to share a piece of myself–and the name wasn’t resonating with that discovery.

Although I’m always wandering, my journey is always rooted in myself, my experiences, my lessons. And, as corny as that sounds, my page didn’t reflect that. I was writing one thing and trying to be another. I tried writing easily digestible lists and bullet-style articles, but that wasn’t me. I ached to share my own wilderness, share my stories, pains, triumphs, misadventures. I needed it to be real…I still do.

If you’re someone who enjoys reading this blog and my long-winded, rambling Instagram captions, you’re in luck because none of that content is going anywhere. I’ve just repointed this ship in a direction that means something to me, whether that’s writing about inequality in the wilderness, mental health, vulnerability, pain, puppies, music, food, or whatever I feel at the time.

It’s okay to shift I think. I wanted this site to be a travel blog, but I’m not a travel blogger. I’m not jet-setting to distant places and pitching to hotels and airlines for perks. That was never my intent; that’s not me. I’m simply someone who enjoys travel and the outdoors and likes to tell a good story that [hopefully] makes you feel something.

So I chose the name Alex Out There because it fits my “brand”…it fits me. I’ll always be out and about and my content won’t ever fit a mold–in fact, it might sometimes be way “out there”, and that’s what I want this to be.

alex walking down road castle valley

That being said, what types of stories/content would you like to see more of? Comment below!


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