Howdy fellow adventurers, I’m Alex! I’m a writer, aspiring photographer, massive exaggerator, semi-professional wine drinker, lover of flannel, and part-time adventurer, and this here is my diary…I mean blog.

In my spare time, I can be found gallivanting through the mountains, cultivating perfect the outdoor trip, and putting way too many miles on my car in order to travel to the ends of the earth with my boyfriend, Andrew and our pups, Kita and Moe. I want to see and do it all. Except maybe meth…I definitely don’t want to do any meth.

Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t just your average travel blog where you have to listen to me drone on about staying in a *free* hotel in Greece–although that would be neat, so sign me up–this simply an account of my down-and-dirty misadventures, which mostly occur nearby my home in Boulder, Colorado. I live for travel stories and being able to share my experiences. So thank you for coming along this journey with me.

Get to know me through my photo travels on Instagram – @alexoutthere

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